It’s Monday, November 9, 2020, and my liberal friends are celebrating. Biden won the presidency, and they believe nothing is going to get done in the next four years.

I don’t think electing an impotent government is cause for celebration. I think it’s cause for serious reflection on where our standards should be for how our government represents us.

In an earlier article, I wrote that political action was arguably the best way to create change in the world. In a vacuum, I still believe that, but the last few days have shown me that working through this current political…

A few months ago, a friend and I were having a particularly intense conversation about individuals’ responsibilities for climate change. He was morbidly questioning how he could reconcile the fact that his very existence inescapably causes emissions with his value for not harming others or the environment. He was getting at a point that I have also felt at times in my life: if we have reasonable belief that we will personally cause more emissions than is sustainable over the course of our lives, then isn’t it our responsibility to do every little thing possible to minimize those emissions? …

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Creating custom components in Vue can be a great way to abstract out logic and complexity, and form input components are often a great place for that. I recently created a custom radio group component, and although I found documentation for many of the necessary pieces, it was particularly challenging to find fully-coded examples — so after finishing it up, I decided to share the full code here.

There isn’t one way to solve this problem, and there were absolutely tradeoffs along the way. …

As the news of COVID-19 hitting the US has been coming out over the past couple weeks, I’ve been wondering how COVID-19 is affecting people in different income brackets differently. Our healthcare system is so heavily dependent on how much money people make (think privatized hospitals; privatized insurance) it seems likely that income would play a part in how people fare during this pandemic. Here are the results I found.

Data Collection Process

I first decided to work with data at the county level; states are too big to reflect differences in income levels, while towns are likely too small to provide meaningful…

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The 2018 Impact Summit!

Last June, the 2018 Impact Summit brought together over 250 students and young technologists passionate about building a more equitable and just world for a three-day conference. The weekend was packed with events, including a hackathon, a social startup competition, and a social impact career fair, not to mention the many workshops and keynotes by people like the Co-Founder and President of GiveDirectly, the Director of Civic Innovation at Microsoft, and the Founder of Venture for America.

Though we were incredibly proud of The 2018 Impact Summit, we couldn’t help but dream about what more we could do. What would…

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We talk about CS for social good as if it’s a field — something comparable to Big Tech, or Consulting — but it’s not. The phrase “CS for social good” simply denotes an application of CS to solving social issues, but dictates nothing about the context in which tech is being used to solve those issues.

Because CS for good is an application — or rather a group of applications of CS to a huge range of issues — there is no singular field in which you can do CS for social good. This means that there is a huge…

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Software engineer & renewable energy enthusiast.

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